Somebody Has Left Chicken In An Uber

Yesterday, Uber revealed its 2019 Lost & Found Index, which as you would possibly guess, is a breakdown of what and when folks forgot stuff (principally telephones) within the vehicles of strangers final yr. What does that must do with meals, you may ask? Nicely, let me reply your query with a query: Which one among you someway forgot twenty pounds of meat in an Uber within the final 12 months?

There are another actually unusual gadgets in that listing, together with an eight-week-previous chihuahua, a fowl, and a fish tank containing each water and a fish—what’s unsuitable with folks?—however in some way the meat is the one which caught out to us. How forgetful do you must be to go away behind a lot of meat? Maybe it acquired positioned within the trunk? That appears to make sense—however presumably, your entire cause for taking the Uber was that you simply additionally needed to ferry 10 kilos of pulled hen and 10 kilos of pulled pork, so it appears odd that such a factor would slip one’s thoughts.