Eric Trump: “For my father, there should be more leaders like Mauricio Macri in the world”

Eric Trump, 35, is the youngest of the three children the current US president. had with Ivana. Except for the bangs, he looks like his father when he was young. But it is considered a mixture of tranquility, energy and its way of transmitting things, Trump less Trump. He arrived in Punta del Este in what is the first landing of family businesses in South America. He did it in the hands of the late Felipe Yaryura and Moisés Yellati, brother of Carolina, the wife of Minister Nicolás Dujovne. Eric Trump says that in Punta del Este he found what he was looking for to build an iconic building for his own brand. The truth is that this peninsula so placid in these days of January, perhaps because of the sharp fall of Argentine tourism, the visit of Trump’s son is considered a “vibrant” event. On Tuesday night he gathered the celebrities and the few businessmen who show up at a cocktail party. Clarín interviewed him in the show room of the Trump Tower on the Brava beach.

– Is it difficult being the son of Donald Trump?

-It’s not hard, it’s not hard either. Nobody thought that it was going to arrive where we arrived and that makes even more interesting the relationship with my father.

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There is a man in the USA that knows everything, and it’s called Donald Trump: a video confirms it
-How do you define your father’s relationship with President Macri?

– They have known each other for more than 30 years, they have a strong political relationship and each one feels and practices immense respect for the other. We know that Argentina is an incredible country. And in a world like the current one that exists this chemistry between the two presidents is very good for the two countries. My father and I thought that there should be more leaders like Macri worldwide.

– Are you thinking about taking an investment project to Argentina?

– Certainly in the future, because now we have a limitation, since my father is the president of the United States and we can not face any international project. We have many opportunities and hundreds of calls insistently for us to go to different countries, but until he finishes his period in the White House we can not do anything. We are very interested in Argentina, we even advanced in a project, but we had to reject it for that reason. Do not doubt that as soon as we finish we will go to Buenos Aires. I love that city because of its architecture, its culture, its food. It’s a beautiful city.

-From December 23 there is a partial closure of the federal government in the United States following the decision of his father to build the wall on the border with Mexico. Do you agree?

-Each country has different problems and the United States has challenges that Argentina does not have. Immigration is something beautiful, I am a product of immigration myself, my mother, Ivana, came to be a skier from the Czech Republic. Melania, the first lady, is from Slovenia. But they entered the country legally. The United States has serious problems with drugs and the drug trade must be stopped. That’s why I think my father is so interested in this topic. There are many people who want to enter the country legally from all over the world and are on the waiting list. They are not allowed to enter because there is another person who walks through a border that can not be seen. That’s why the need for the wall. It is necessary to curb the illegals.

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The steel wall that Donald Trump wants would produce an ecological disaster
-You chose Punta del Este for the landing in South America. Uruguay signed the Paris agreements that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. His father has repudiated that agreement. What do you think?

-I do not think my father’s position is stupid. He wants the purest air and the cleanest water, but he does not support the initiatives in which the US have to depend on the rest of the world. There is nobody who fights more to make sure not to contaminate. For us, the environment is a matter of common sense.

-But it does not seem common sense to repudiate the agreements reached by almost every country …

-I assure you that we rationally defend the environment by promoting technology and without liquidating industries.